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Christmas Wishlists

Yeah, so I asked you all for yours (TWO people have told me. TWO.) and never gave you mine. :P So here it is, largely ripped from my birthday wishlist:

Roleplaying Books
-D&D 4th Edition PHB
-Exalted 2e: Lunars
-Exalted: The Underworld
-Exalted: The Wyld
-Exalted: Scroll of Kings
-Exalted: Roll of Glorious Divinity II
-MET WoD & Vampire

-Valor's Trial, Tanya Huff
-Blood Bank, Tanya Huff
-The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, Emma Donoghue
-Life Mask, Emma Donoghue
-Slammerkin, Emma Donoghue
-Kissing the Witch, Emma Donoghue
-I See By My Outfit, Peter S. Beagle
-Sandman vol. 3+

-Anything off of my ThinkGeek wishlist
-nice WARM work-appropriate clothes (you'd have to take me out to get these, though; my size is extremely variable from store to store)

Random Stuff
-Draw me art!

Really Expensive Stuff (mostly off my goals list)
-Moar BPAL! I has a list! Ask me for it!
-A tablet
-Fetishwear! (You have to take me out for this too :P)
-Orange double-sided cufflinks (2 sets)
-A massage
-A concert
-Ballroom dance lessons (though wait until I actually have time to take them...)
-A weekend at the Millcroft
-A FeelDoe (do not get this for me if we are not having sex or want to be. srsly. ;p)
-Scuba diving!
-Take me out to a really expensive restaurant!
-Horseback riding!

No One On My FList Will Get Me This, But For Posterity:
-A trip to Calgary
-A trip to Italy
-A trip to the UAE
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