December 21st, 2008


Katie's latest BPAL extravaganza + gift from Ciaran yay!

Baobhan Sith
The ghostly White Women of the Scottish highlands. They seduce unwary travelers by night with their unearthly beauty and mesmerizing dancing. They engage their victims in a wild, hypnotic dance, and once they reach exhaustion, exsanguinate their partners with their vampiric kiss. Grapefruit, white tea, apple blossom and ginger.

In the bottle, I smelled mostly tea. On me, it is grapefruit liek whoa. Practically nothing but citrus, definitely no apple blossom or ginger to be had. That's not to say it's unpleasant; it's a sweet, summery kind of scent. However, it fades quickly. (Twenty minutes, tops.) 5.5/10.

The Hesperides
The Hesperides are the Nymphs of the Evening who dwell in a verdant garden located in the Arcadian Mountains, guarded by the terrible three-headed dragon, Ladon. Within their garden lives the tree that bears Hera’s sacred Golden Apples. Their perfume is that of sturdy oak bark, dew-kissed leaves, twilight mist and crisp apple.

In the bottle: Xtreme red apple. On me, it's apple with something else to it, but it's a very sweet red apple scent where I prefer a tarter green apple. It's also strong, but pleasant enough. As it dried, it becomes VERY sweet - almost a candy apple. I prefer Ladon. 5/10.

Non compos mentis, indeed! A contrary, conflicted scent, bubbling with merry madness. Contains apple, rose, and lemon.

In bottle: overwhelmingly lemon. Which continues onto the flesh. But it's not a bad chemical cleaner lemon, it's a real, lemonade lemon. Edit: After half an hour, it's totally switched over to the rose. Weird. 4/10. Edit 2, Dec. 30: After a second wearing, I'm boosting this to 5.5. I like it enough to wear it normally, though I think it has limited uses.

The Dormouse
A dizzying eddy of four teas brushed with light herbs and a breath of peony.

In the bottle, all I can catch is the light floral of the peony. On me, there's a sharper scent below it, which I'm guessing is the herbs. No tea that I can find, though! I don't think I'd ever wear this, but it's not actively unpleasant. 4/10.

Ridiculous! Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom.

The orange blossom and kumquat must combine to make this smell like The Body Shop's satsuma scent, I think. (I believe Katie said similar in her review.) Which is nice but... no need to buy it if I can just get satsuma-scented stuff from TBS, right? ;) 4/10.

Szepasszony (from Ciaran <3)
The Fair Lady, Winter Witch, White Maiden of the Storm. Szepasszony is a Hungarian demoness that appears as a stunningly beautiful woman with long, silver-white hair and a blinding white dress. She revels in storms, particularly when hail rains down on her. Water dripping down eaves into a puddle is an invitation for her to cause mischief: she uses the puddle as a magickal tool for casting her wicked spells. It is considered foolhardy to step into a circle of short grass ringed by taller grasses, as those mark the circles where the Fair Lady dances. A chilly, tempestuous whirlwind of clear, airy notes, slashing rain, and a thin undercurrent of white flowers.

The "thin undercurrent of white flowers" is actually kind of omnipresent. I smell no rain or air, but it is a very nice floral scent - I could see this being my go-to for weddings or other such events if I didn't want to go with my traditional rose. 6/10.
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