September 7th, 2008


101 in 1001 Days: 19/101

I'm almost halfway through the book, and so far only one person has said that he would forgive, and that's the Dalai Lama.

(Okay, so the first 98 pages were the story itself. And yet.)

Edit: DONE!

Thoughts: Most people said forgiveness wasn't Simon's place, so it was good/right that he did not offer any. I'm surprised that as of the 1998 reprinting, there's only two Buddhist responses and one atheist - and no Muslim, Hindu, or other major religious leaders responding. I find that a sore lack, especially given that many, many responses reiterated the same thoughts/points - expanding beyond the Jewish and Christian/Catholic communities might have provided more insights.

Full list of goals here.

As an aside, I have lost my notebook where I keep track of my read books. Very unhappy about this, as I haven't done an update recently and I am worried if I can't find it again, I may forget some books. Mrr.
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